Covid-19 Safety Protocols

1. All participants are to observe social distancing and other protocols outside of coaching sessions as outlined by Ministry Of Health and Wellness during this period.

2. All participants MUST wear a mask when traveling to training.
(Please note: the mask is to remain on throughout the temperature check and sanitization process – mask is only to be removed immediately prior to entering the training area)

3. At Training
3.1. A temperature check will be done at the office upon arrival.
3.2. Hands must be sanitized before entering training area. (Players are encouraged to travel with their own sanitizer,
however hands may be washed with the soap available in the restroom)
3.3. At each break, the sanitization process will be conducted.
3.4. Participants are responsible for their own hydration (water/isotonic). Please to ensure that this will be able to last
for the entire session.

4. Sanitization is also to be done at the end of the session.

5. Participants must put on their mask once session is completed and repeat the sanitization process.
The mask is to be worn until pick up or departure from training facility.

If a player is experiencing symptoms associated with the flu and/or coronavirus, the player SHOULD NOT ATTEND the session. Kindly communicate said situation directly to the Coaches and/or Academy Director, Mr. Rohn Rainford. A medical doctors certificate must be presented before he/she is allowed to participate in any further training activities.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Want to Join The Academy?

Academy Fee Structure JMD$25,000.00 Per Year

Fee payment covers:

• All session costs
• 2 sets training gears
• Contribution to insurance scheme
• 1 Academy t-shirt
• 1 Water bottle